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The cost of living in India (Bharat) is way below in most Western countries. Salaries square measure concerning 20%-30% of what they're in North America and Europe. Thanks of low overheads, we have a tendency to square measure able to provide rates that square measure nearly 70% below International rates.

Email : If your documents are already in a digital format (e.g. Scanned photographs, Word Documents), then the fastest way to send it to us would be via Emaill.
Courier : To send us paper documents etc., the best method would be via reliable International Couriers.
Standard Mail : This reaches us in around 8-12 days.

By email mostly. This works to be most effective, most cost-effective and convenient approach of communication.
Contact Email :
Contact Phone : +91 999 777 2595

By cheque or Doctor of Divinity (Demand Draft) . 100% Advance to be paid for hosting and domain. 50% advance is to be paid for design and the balance is to be paid on offline hosting and completion. We prefer to be paid in Indian Currency (INR). However, you may pay in the currency of your choice., is a division of , India's premier web hosting solutions provider and is located in Noida, fifth largest city in Uttar Pradesh, one of India's North states.

India is five hours sooner than GMT.
Time distinction between India (Bharat) and also the us - [India is twelve Hours ahead].
Time distinction between India (Bharat) and Europe/Central continent - [India is approx. 3.5 Hours ahead].
Time distinction between India (Bharat) and Middle East/East continent - [India is approx. 2.5 Hours ahead].
Time distinction between India (Bharat) and Australia - [India is approx. four Hours behind].

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You can always communicate with email know about your status of the project.
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